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How can I send a message to the player using the ServerSign?

There are several ways you can send a player a message, but all involve the "/svs add" command. Here's a few examples:

  1. /svs add <server> /tell <player> This is a message!
  2. /svs add <message> This is a message! (supports colour codes, prefixed)
  3. /svs add <blank> This is a message! (supports colour codes, no prefix)

Why can players not use ServerSigns I have created?

Players must have permission(s) assigned to them before they can interact with ServerSigns - different permissions will be required depending on the ServerSign's set permission. Refer to Permissions for more details.

Why can non-ops with correct permissions not use ServerSigns I have created?

Spawn protection may prevent non-ops using ServerSigns. This issue cannot be 'fixed', as stated by md_5 - possible solutions include setting spawn-protection to 0, or clearing ops.json.

What's the difference between /svs grant & in-line [p:<node>] permissions?

Grant permissions added with "/svs grant <node>" are given to the player immediately before all of the synchronous commands (commands with no delay) are executed, and they are then immediately removed from the player afterwards.
In-line permissions added with "[p:<node>]" work similarly, but the permissions are only granted for the execution of the command they are defined in, and can be used with delayed commands.

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